What is Value Investing?

Value Investing is an investment philosophy that seeks to generate long-term profitability by investing in quality assets at a price below that set by the market.


Value Investing is the cornerstone upon which we have built the various investment management strategies.

We analyse companies.

Fundamental analysis allows us to determine the asset’s real value.

We invest in value.

If the value we calculate is higher than the value at which the company is listed, we can invest in it.


We expect the investment to generate the long-term yields we anticipate.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you obtain.” Warren Buffet.

The Margin of Safety

The most important concept in Value Investing is the margin of safety. The margin of safety is the difference between the value we have calculated and the price at which the company is listed. It should be broad enough so that if we err in our valuation of the company, we won’t lose the initial investment we made. “Rule number one, never lose money. Rule number two, never forget rule number one.” Warren Buffet.


The more competitive advantages the company has and the more sustainable they are, the greater the level of certainty when determining the investment value.

Value Investing: The DNA of Buy & Hold Asset Management.

Value Investing Philosophy

As investors who abide by the Value Investing philosophy, we only buy if we like the business model, the management team and the valuation.


We never attempt to predict the future direction of the market, we simply buy stocks when the price is lower than its intrinsic value (estimated actual value).

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