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Buy & Hold Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions from our investors. By clicking on each of them, you will see your answer.
If your question has not been solved in this section, do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I lose money on my investment?

Yes. None of the products we offer guarantees your investment. However, Buy & Hold managers would not invest our assets in these products if we did not think we were going to make money.

Why trust Buy & Hold?

We have consistent management results over time where we have outperformed the indices, both in terms of returns and lower volatility.

Is there a minimum amount?

The minimum initial amount is the equivalent of the value of one unit, with no minimum for subsequent contributions.

Are there any subscription or reimbursement fees?

No. Our fees are low because that improves our products’ yields.

How can I invest in your products?

You can invest in our products through our “Invest” button at the top right of this page. You can also call our free phone number 900 550 440 and send an email to

You can also invest in our Luxembourg funds through Bankinter, Caser, Mapfre, Santander, Sabadell, Andbank, Openbank, UBS, Renta 4, Crédit Agricole, Singular Bank, Creand, Self Bank, Liberbank, Mutuactivos and GPM.

Where are Buy & Hold investment products deposited?

All investments we make in our investment Luxembourg funds are deposited with UBS and our Spanish Funds in Banco Inversis.

What can I buy if I don’t want to take too much risk?

Our products with fewer risk are B&H Deuda FI B&H Renta Fija FI and B&H Bonds LU.

Do you have a pension plan?

Yes, our B&H Jubilación pension plan. It can also be purchased through this website by clicking on the “Invest” button at the top right-hand side of the page.

What can I buy if I can take more risk?

In this case, we have two strategies. One based on equities only, B&H Equity, and another strategy that invests in equities and bonds, B&H Flexible.

Why invest in a fund?

Because it diversifies investment by reducing risk. They also offer tax advantages over other products for individuals.

What happens if I want to withdraw my investment?

You can withdraw your investment at any time by simply entering your customer area, calling our toll free number 900 550 440 or emailing us at

Can I invest in periods of less than 6 months?

Yes, although we recommend that in the bond strategy you invest for a minimum period of 2 years. In the flexible strategy, we advise a minimum period of 4 years. Whereas to capture the full potential of the portfolio in the equity strategy, we indicate a minimum period of 7 years.

What withholding tax is levied on my fund’s capital gains?

Capital gains are currently taxed at a rate of 19%.

What withholding tax is levied on transfer transactions?

They are not taxed. You can benefit from this advantage by bringing your investment in other funds to Buy & Hold.

How long can it take to see my position after I have made a trade?

From the time you make the transfer on a subscription order, about 48 hours. However, during this period you can access your customer area at any time to check the status of your account.

In the case of a transfer order, the estimated average time is approximately 10 calendar days.

Are Luxembourg funds transferable?

Yes. Our Luxembourg funds are investment funds that comply with European UCITS regulations and can therefore be transferred from any investment fund and vice versa.

Will I have to file Form 720 if I invest in Luxembourg funds?

Our Luxembourg funds are registered with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV). Therefore, if you subscribe through any Spanish marketer, you do not have to complete the Form 720. Spanish marketer means the main entities with registered offices in the country, such as banks, broker-dealers, securities firms, etc.

Our goal is to achieve the best returns for those who have placed their trust in us.

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