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Fondo Acciones Rex Royal Blue


Start Aug. 2004


Last 12 months


Strategy that invests only in stocks of listed companies. The investor’s time horizon must be at least six years.

Pigmanort Flexible


Start Jul. 2010


Last 12 months


Fixed income and stocks strategy for investors whose time horizon is at least three years.

Bh Renta Fija


Start Dec. 2015


Last 12 months


Strategy that only invests in fixed income for investors whose time horizon is 18 months.

Fondo de pensiones

Retirement PP

Start Nov. 2017


2018 YTD


Pension plan that can invest up to 70% in stocks and the rest in fixed income. The investment time horizon is at least five years.

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 6 años

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Our Goal

At Buy&Hold we work to generate the higest profit to whom have had trusted on us.



We invest all of our financial assets in the same products as our customers.


We only invest in what we understand


Each one of our managers has more than 20 years of experience in the markets.


Low fees lead to higher yields


We value everyone regardless of the size of their investments.


Together with Amigos Rimkieta we help the less fortunate.